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Get The Wealth In Construction Industry As More And More Buildings Collapse In Nigeria

Opportunity For Making Millions Is Now For All Classes Of Investors.
The construction industry is a multi-billion naira industry...
No wonder the Julius Berger, RCC etc. stocks on the exchange were still performing well on the streets in spite of the stock market meltdown. Recently, the focus on this sector became heightened as the result of the growth in real estate in the country and when the issue of collapsed buildings became a serious concern.
It was glaring that there are millions to be made in this sector if you know the steps to take. Because building collapse has become rampant, the opportunity for the right people to come in and make money, once the watch word of quality and structural stability are strictly adhered to, is guaranteed.

There Is Money In Construction
There is money in construction but poor quality houses reduce your long term profit expectation which real estate business gives. The owner may think he has gotten the best; after a while he starts spending money to maintain the house instead of enjoying the fruit of his labour, which is one problem.
Although in everything, you still want to make profits, but a more quality job gives you more jobs especially now that the quacks are being exposed with their works falling apart in Nigeria.

How To Be Part Of The Construction Team
It is an open stream especially for young engineers, you just enter; you just have an attitude for learning. Even if you know it, you must go in there with an attitude of wanting to know more and then as you raise your head to display they will say this man knows. You learn under others.

Billions In Construction Industry
According to architect Ayodele, Very good projects are projects that can stand the test of time. After doing projects for top level officers in government and individuals, I came to know that if you know what you are doing, you will really make money in the industry big time. As a supervising architect for an estate, I remember supervising a design done by an Italian architect, a monitoring partner for a foreign construction company, you may just be the one on ground getting paid in dollars. 

I was on site representing that interest of my foreign client. The opportunity of very big projects is massive. You can handle corporate projects; I have handled very big projects. Market or estate projects for governments. It does not matter how you start just maintain standard.

Making Money In This Industry Has to Do With Playing By The Rule
The right people are so conscious of stability, their name, their reputation that they won’t compromise quality for anything. It is just that the clients don’t go for the right people. And why, they are thinking of the financial aspect of the project, but the difference between a good quality work and a project done shabbily is not much at the end but people don’t know.

With people like us in the industry, we have been able to bridge the gap. There are contractors who would say, we would do it at this cost, no more less, but there are people who would do it with same quality at lower rates. But the important thing is laying the job in the hands of professionals and quality minded people.

Let The standard Be The Same No Matter The Size Of Building
As the consulting architect, when we were doing the IMB plaza, the foreign contractor’s design estimate was a five storey building. Because of finances made available by the bank, the bank insisted they wanted a seven storey building with the same amount.

As consultant to the project then, we were in between the contractors and the bank, it was a deadlock for some weeks, but at the end of the day, both parties have their way, because the bank stated they were not spending more than the stated amount and the contractors too said, for the kind of job we want to do, if this is what you have, then the floors will be five not seven, so they have to cut two floors. So if clients and builders could stand their ground, we would have good quality houses no matter the level.

At any level, even if it is a one bedroom apartment, maintain good quality. The owner of such building will be proud to say, that is my house because the quality is the same. From edge room the quality we can’t achieve. Edge rooms mean the height from the floor to ceiling. There are some houses in which I can’t stand upright. But if the builders and the clients say this is what I want and the builder says for this, this is what you can get, then, we have better houses in Nigeria.

The Opportunity In The Taller Buildings
Once standards are followed, we would have quality because now we need taller buildings because of the population. We can’t have bungalows everywhere, we are wasting land. You make utmost use of the land by building taller buildings, and of course you make more money.
As an investor, thinking of going into construction, the financial capacity you would need for such business, for say two storey, commercial buildings, build the house and rent out, knowing when to recover your investment is very important.

What Is A Big Construction Deal?
It is very good because it is just one building multiplied by the number of buildings you want to put. So it is a cumulative naira effect. There are guys that construct three storey buildings here, another three there and four here. The guy is interested in scattered properties. The positioning of the building does not affect the work of the supervisors because you could have about six sites at a time. 

The essential thing is that you are there at a critical point to monitor and you must also leave one good foreman or a supervisor, someone who can represent your interest to carry out your instructions. He ought to give your instructions at critical stages. You must leave an English speaking personnel on sight at all times. So once you have them, you can go around and supervise all your projects.

How To Make Money As A Middle Class Investor
It is not the taller the building, the cheaper or more viable; the taller the building, the more expensive , a middle class investor can stop at two storey building is better, because it can be a mess when you go further and you can’t maintain it. You need to be at the airspace because it determines the ventilation pattern; if you are building a four storey building with competing parking space at the end, you can hardly find people wanting to rent the place or pricing it cheaply; sometimes you can make money from a spacious building where families have space to do a lot of things, park their cars conveniently than a jam-packed environment. There was a man that built a six storey building for two years but now nobody is requesting because of the tightness of the place.

Estate Construction
Looking at the money making angle, one should talk about the small class construction, the middle class construction and the large projects like an estate. The advantage of the estate is that the owners or originators of the estate are not particular about one building; they are particular about a group of buildings. So when you are talking about a group of buildings, the safety around that area, the security, everything is taken care of by the estate developers.

So that is like a client of mine, somebody who came from abroad, he said please, I need a two bedroom flat, please can you help me get one but it has to be in an estate. I said you can get one but it is not that easy. You know in an estate, the road network is laid out, if possible, you have water, so that’s the advantage of an estate.

Then, in construction terms, there are building places, they are like prototypes; once you are able to do one, you can do five, do 10, do 20, do 200 but money making opportunity is better in estate because everything is prototyped and networked. Once you are able to do this road, you know it is the same thing you will do everywhere.

How To Recover Your Investment
One thing with buildings nowadays, because of the cost of building materials, is that recovering your investment takes a longer time like a two storey house, with six flats, you spend about 25 million and all the rent; like in this area, the rent is about N400,000 maximum or N500,000 per annum, six flats at N500,000 that’s about 3 million.
For a thirty million house, the projection is for ten years, but after ten years, you now earn free three million for the rest of your life every year and your children and children’s children if you had a professionally built, quality structure. That is what the Bible says; keeping an inheritance for your children’s children. And it is good for people who have large cash: put it in the building, sit down and enjoy yourself, have income to sustain your living, retirement and all the rest.

For smaller buildings like a three bedroom four flat bungalow constructed with say N5 to N8 million, you can recoup your investment in less than five years and enjoy revenue for the rest of your life, but you must put up a good structure.

For additional information, you can do more research on what we have given you.

To your success.

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