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How Land Speculators Pushed Me Into Buying A House Of My Own

My first house experience is a story I like to tell over and over again. It was...
not achieved by sudden flight at all. If I was not a Christian I would  have resigned to fate that probably, I was not destined to build a house in my life time.

This columnist wants people to share their experience with others, so that they can know how to build their own houses without ending up being victims of circumstances.

I am a retired director in the Lagos state Ministry of Education. I would not have been alive to share this experience if not for god. The first plot of land I bought was at Iyana Ipaja. Somebody took me to their family friend. I saw the land  and they showed me the document before I paid. On the day of payment, we drank and ate together.

But when o came to clear the land to start moulding blocks, they attacked me directly with thugs and beat me up with charms, I fell sick. I was hospitalized for months before my people took me to victorious Army Ministries on Acme Road where God rescued and healed me.

Grace of God
I could not stop because it is the desired of any right thing individual to own his own house, especially when you have a good source of income. But all these depend on the grace of God in a place like Lagos, even when you have all the money in the whole world.

The first land I bought in surulere was taken by the local government authority on the ground that the Shonibare family that sold the land to me went beyond their boundary to sell the piece of land to me. I wanted to take the matter to court but I was advised that I could not sue the local government authority because I was a civil servant. The man that sold the land to me promise to replace the land for me in another location. Till today, he has not replaced the land neither has he refunded the money. I reported the matter to the police and he wrote an undertaking that he would refund the money. After so many years of going to the police station I left everything to God.

After so many years of being discouraged of owning a property in Lagos, a friend of my wife said her husband wanted to sell a plot of land at Oyingbo area. They brought all the documents to the land . My wife and I saw it and we paid N90,000 for the land. That was in 1983. the land was in a very conspicuous location and we were contemplating of building a school on the plot of land.

Unfortunately, the day we went to lay the foundation for the fencing of the plot, some family members of the man came and told us never to trespass on the land again, that their elder brother did not seek their consent before going ahead to sell the land to me.

As far as I was concerned, that was not my business if he told them or not. But when I consulted my lawyer he told me if the title document was not in the name of the land vendor, the siblings had the right to nullify the transaction. That was exactly the case; the land belonged to their late father. They held a family meeting and wrote to me to stay clear from the land. I made attempt one Saturday morning to carry on with the construction work but my workers were mercilessly beaten up by hired thugs.

No Money Refund
I could not go to the court because my lawyer advised me against it. Again the man refused to refund the money. He said one of the sons had secured admission to university overseas and the money I paid to him had been used to finance the trip. The son actually called me that he will pay back the money. As I speak with you now, I have not set my eyes on him. Whether he is back to the country or not, I do not know. His mother stopped coming to visit my wife. The story of that landed property ended just like that.

At this point, I made up my mind that I was not going to buy land or building house here in Lagos. Most of the time, I travel by air. One year when in was on leave, I traveled to my home town. Based on situation of things in my place, I decided to build a house in my home town. The only house there was the one built by my father. My elder brother was living there with his family and it was no longer convenient for us to live in when at home.

Money Diverted
We did some costing of the building materials to buy and all that. Believe me this man did not use the money I was sending to him from Lagos to do anything. When I went home to see the level of work done, he told his wife had gone to borrow money somewhere that they had been battling to settle the debt, in fact, all sorts of cock and bull stories. Again, I abandoned the housing project till recently when I retired  and went to supervise the building of the house myself.

Decision to Buy House
The house a am living in now at Ikorodu in Lagos is the house I bought from the Lagos State Development ( LSDPC). I could not face the problem of omo-niles and trouble of land in Lagos any more. So when Lagos government came up with the option of building to sell to the people, I subscribed to it.

It is ok, the best so far. It saves you the trouble of going to face those wolves out there. There are a lot of intricacies to the whole land process. You can even lose your life trying to reclaim land in Lagos for anyone that would want to risk it, I will recommend they deal with professionals or lawyer vast in property law.

LESSON: Always deal with reputable organizations in your real estate seals.
To your success.

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